The Boss Blazer



Blazer: H&M (similar, similar), Leggings: Sanctuary, Shoes: H&M (similar), Bag: Tory Burch, Sunglasses: Target

The plaid blazer was no doubt the #1 fashion trend this past fall. In fact, you can still find it in almost every major store. Menswear as a whole has made its way from high fashion to fast fashion. I scored my oversized blazer at H&M and wear it as part of my work wardrobe. Jeans aren’t allowed in my office but I could easily wear them with this blazer on the weekends. You can also belt it like here or wear a hoodie underneath like here. The plaid or check blazer is so versatile you can even wear it in the spring as part of a nighttime look.

Also, can we talk about my shoes for sec? Working in fashion, a lot of the girls wear heels to the office every single day. Sometimes it’s even required, like on store visits. That can’t be good for your feet. After a while of dealing with the pain during the day, I said enough is enough. I’ve started investing in cute flats and low block pumps, like the one’s pictured in this post. This type of shoe still gives the look and feeling that you’re wearing heels but the heel is low and thick so they’re so easy to walk in. The ankle strap also has the added bonus of slimming your ankle by highlighting its thinnest area. Highly recommend!


Target’s Universal Thread Outfit + Review



Denim Shirt: Universal Thread by Target, White Jeans: Chelsea & Violet at Dillard’s (similar), Shoes: Target

I recently visited Target to check out their new line, Universal Thread. The average price point was supposedly going to be $30. I was intrigued. Was this Target’s answer to an affordable Madewell? The fonts look super similar and both are rooted in well-made denim. For their launch, it looks like they focused mainly on basic denim. There wasn’t too much distressing or frayed hem lines, which is what I was looking for. They did however have skinny jeans with floral embroidery and the trending cropped straight leg jean. See below for what I found at my local store in St. Petersburg, FL:


They had a wide variety of woven and knit tops to pair back to the denim. They also pushed for the denim on denim look with a wide selection of denim shirts. The woven white shirts did not have a good hand feel, but the denim shirts were good. They were thin, but not thin where it felt obviously cheap. It would be perfect for Florida weather! I love mine and plan to wear it all year long!


Love that they had a wide selection of shorts. Bermudas for those who want full coverage and cheeky shorts for those who want to let it out. I would suggest trying on a couple sizes of everything to really test out the coverage.

fitting room

I was looking for the distressed straight leg jean but the fit was off for me, especially in the left picture. I wanted the rips to fall directly on top of my knee but it was a few inches above. This has happened before when I tried on Levi’s so maybe I’m just too tall for this type of jean? (I’m 5’9.)


They had a great selection of basic bags and hats. I like that they weren’t full of logos or distracting trendy details. These styles will stand the test of time.


They also had jewelry! Who knew? It looked pretty well made. Definitely got that Lucky Brand vibe though. I’m not into the western look, so I passed.


Hope you enjoyed this review! Can’t wait to see their future collections!