I Need To Move To Manhattan…Beach

beach 1 beach sitting pier residences

It’s not everyday that I get a paid holiday at work. In the e-commerce business they are few and far between. So I decided to do something spontaneous for Memorial Day. I went to the beach. It might come as a shock, but I go to the beach at most once a year. I mean I go to Vegas more times than I go to the beach in LA. The beaches here are overcrowded & dirty. The water is cold and parking is never free, if you can even find a space.

But I think I discovered LA’s best kept secret beach: Manhattan Beach. Located just south of LAX, this beach is more peaceful and secluded than the overrun Santa Monica and Venice beaches. You won’t see transients, junkies, or pestering street vendors like you would at the touristy beaches. The multi-million dollar homes along the boardwalk that make up The Strand are breathtaking. Hello dream home! Plus the shops, restaurants, and bars have that Orange County flavor: peaceful, quaint, classy, without being too bougie.

Even though it took my friend and I 45 minutes to find a place to park on this national holiday, there was plenty of room on the sand to tan without constant distractions like you would at the more popular beaches. I would love to move here but as they say, the rent is too damn high! But hey, it’ll always be cheaper than the real Manhattan.