The Wendy Show Experience


At Chelsea Television Studios


Getting checked in by security


We were each given numbers and told to stand and enter accordingly



He’s so excited! haha


As I was planning my trip to New York, I knew I had to try and get tickets to see Wendy! I’ve watched her show for years and have always wanted to attend one of her live tapings. The audience members always seem to be having a blast there. Luckily some spots opened up for one of the days I was going to be in the city.

My taping was for the 10am show so we had to be there no later than 8am. Got there at 7:30 when it was about 40 degrees. Thankfully I wore my warm Ugg boots and was able to change into heels later on. Once they let us in at 8am, we went through security and were placed in a holding room. About an hour and a half later we were finally led to the studio. It was actually smaller than I thought! It was very colorful and loud with DJ Boof and Marco Glorious revving up the crowd. I loved it but it was definitely geared more towards the ladies. I felt a little bad for my BF next to me!

The show actually went by pretty quick. The commercial breaks seemed very short when in real life they seem so long. The producers and interns were all very nice and helped guide us along. When the taping was over, Wendy stayed to thank us and talk more about the show. All in all, it was a great experience and really fun show!

I Love New York


Times Square!


Morning walk by St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Rockefeller Center


Gapstow Bridge in Central Park


Ice skating at Wollman Rink



Ed Sullivan Theater


First time seeing Colbert!


At the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village



One World Trade Center


Above the clouds!


Couldn’t see the city but a crane suddenly came into view


100 stories up! Tallest building in the Western Hemisphere



9/11 Memorial



With my love at the Love Sculpture in Midtown

Ah, every time I visit this magical city I never want to leave. I spent a few days here to celebrate my 27th birthday with my boyfriend. We stayed at the Sheraton in Times Square which was central to almost everything, while still being away from the crowds on Broadway.

The weather was actually fantastic for this time of year. I was in New York this exact time last year and there was a huge blizzard with below freezing temps. This time it was about 45 degrees everyday. We mainly went sightseeing, attended a couple TV show tapings, saw a comedy show, and hung out in our hotel room.

The food options were endless! We got pizza at Joe’s Pizza, donuts at Dough, Peruvian food at Panca, and snacks at Cafe Oliviero. We even tried Uber Eats and it was so quick and easy!

My favorite moment was probably when we were in Battery Park, at the edge of Manhattan, standing by the dock without anyone nearby. We were just looking out towards the Statue of Liberty. It was almost as if we had the city to ourselves. That is, until a crowd came 2 minutes later. Welcome to New York!

Can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer!