Girls’ Night Out at Pinot’s Palette


My Pinot’s Palette Experience

I had a wonderful time at this wine and art studio in downtown St. Pete this past weekend. My co-worker Katie and I were trying to find something to do on a rainy Saturday night and I suggested we try one of those painting studios where they have a wine bar. We registered about an hour before the class was about to start. The theme was an abstract floral bouquet, perfect to gift our moms for Mother’s Day!

As soon as I walked in I was greeted and introduced to the concept. I was offered a drink and shown to my workstation. When you register online, they give you a chance to say who you want to sit next to or what group you’re part of. My class was $35 but the prices range according to the theme or event they’re having. Alcohol is extra but was very reasonably priced.

The studio really felt like a local business even though it’s a national chain. The staff was so friendly and helpful. It was my first time going to one of these studios. I’m not very arty but they were very accommodating and went at a good pace. A local artist was our teacher and really explained each step in common terms. I know nothing about painting! In the beginning I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to turn out well, but by the end it all came together. I ended up giving the finished painting to my grandma for Mother’s Day and she loved it!

This place is perfect for a girls’ night out or even a first date. You can still talk to your friends or date during the class since it’s 2 hours long and there’s a dry break, where you have to wait for the acrylic paint to dry. There’s also a wide selection of drinks at the bar. I got the white sangria and it was delicious. I highly recommend Pinot’s Palette!


Home Decor: The Balcony Set

balcony 1balcony 2

In love with my new balcony furniture! Got this new patio set at Target that includes ottomans and an accent table (with storage!). It’s made out of all-weather resin wicker which is perfect for the volatile Florida weather. It rains every single day in the summer with intense heat so I’m glad I won’t have to worry about fading or water stains. Plus, aren’t the pineapple pillows adorable?