Small Town Indiana

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About a week ago, my boyfriend Chris and I visited Indiana to see part of my family and attend the annual Strassenfest. My dad’s side of the family comes from a small town in southern Indiana called Jasper. It’s a big farming community that is very in touch with its German roots. Almost everyone in that town has a German last name! Every year around the town square they hold a street festival called Strassenfest. I’ve been a couple times, but this was Chris’s first time! He was pretty excited. We’re both of German descent so it was pretty cool eating German food and attending German-themed events. My favorites were the log sawing competition and the Dachshund Dash, a wiener dog race!

We also visited a nearby town called French Lick. The main resort features beautiful gardens that slightly resemble Versailles. It made for a nice walk around the property. Definitely IG worthy.


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