Staying Active Without The Gym


The very notion of “working out” seems like a chore to me. I’m glad I don’t have a gym membership because I would never go. It just seems so boring, repetitive, and grueling. Sounds like fun right? Which is why I like to do activities outdoors that keep you active while still having fun. I’d much rather play a sport, ride a bike, or walk a dog than run on the treadmill or do crunches. These outdoor activities are disguised as fun when in reality, you’re getting a pretty good workout!

Living in South Florida, I experience sunshine pretty much all year round. There are so many free tennis courts in my town that I couldn’t pass them up. Tennis is a great sport for cardio and strength exercises. I love that it incorporates technique and involves unpredictability. It keeps you on your toes!

I recently got into bike riding this year because the BF is a huge fan. I was so rusty at the beginning because I hadn’t ridden since I was a kid. It’s so beautiful to ride bikes around the beach towns in Tampa Bay. The gulf waters are so calm and peaceful yet it’s full of wildlife. I’ve seen cranes, manta rays, and even dolphins!

An easy way to get a little “workout” in is to walk or run with your dog. I don’t have my own, but I love going on walks with my BF’s dog Lana. I love seeing her reactions to the environments we’re in and how she interacts with other dogs. It’s also a nice feeling to get her more active since she’s at home all day during the week.