American Oxygen


I have definitely caught the travel bug lately. First Miami, and now DC. I can’t stop! Travel is my oxygen! I was researching places to go for Labor Day weekend and the prices were unbelievably good for DC. I’ve never been before and I think every American should visit their capital at least once in their life. This city is beautiful, easily accessible (almost every attraction is free), walk-able, and especially educational.


I felt so patriotic at Washington-Reagan airport!IMG_6827 IMG_7117

Comfortable shoes are a must in DC, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear sneakers with your sheath dress. No, I’m not wearing Jesus sandals, they’re Mephisto’s! A fashionable alternative to Birkenstock’s, they’re a must-have for a bustling walk-able city.


The Supreme Court building was huge! I felt so tiny!

A note about my statement necklace: even though it’s one of my favorites, it was such a drag while sightseeing! If you’re planning on visiting any government building or museum, don’t wear any heavy jewelry. It will trigger the sensor every time you go through security, and there is SO MUCH security in DC.


I love walking this city!

IMG_6961 IMG_6983IMG_7114

Breathe out, breathe in
American oxygen
Every breath I breathe
Chasin’ this American Dream
We sweat for a nickel and a dime
Turn it into an empire
Breathe in, this feeling
American, American oxygen


Columns are literally around every corner.

IMG_7112 IMG_7116 IMG_7115 IMG_7008 IMG_7011 IMG_7113


IMG_7110 IMG_7111I absolutely loved DC. This city is full of young, educated, and heavily career-driven people. There are so many cultural events, international tourists, and countless networking opportunities. If my dreams were set on politics, this would be my city.


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