Monet to Matisse at the MFA

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Made it on the last day of the Monet exhibition at the St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts this past Sunday. My favorite kind of art is Impressionism so it was a real treat to have this come to St. Pete of all places. The theme of the exhibition was artists’ interpretation of the French coastlines in the late 1800s, early 1900s. I was surprised to not see romanticized depictions of coastal life, but real everyday life activities, like women doing laundry on the beach or workers with wagons unloading cargo from ships. It just really transports you back in time, which is why I love museums!

The museum itself is on the small side (well compared to LACMA or The Met), but they have beautiful pieces and various nooks and crannies that transport you to a different time, like the sculpture gardens. I highly recommend to visit! Just watch out for parking. They offer like 10 free spaces, so you’ll probably have to do metered parking along the street which is monitored very strictly! The building is right across from the marina in downtown St. Pete, just feet away from nightlife, shopping, and restaurants (shout out to Ceviche).


Jimmy B’s on St. Pete Beach

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I think I’ve found my new fave hangout spot on St. Pete Beach! Jimmy B’s Beach Bar is at the Beachcomber Resort Hotel right on the sand. It’s a laidback, quiet spot close to the busy Tradewinds Resort. There are several bars within the bar so it’s never too crowded. You can literally see the ocean from your seat at the bar. Both the drinks and the food are good. I got the Mango Daiquiri and Chicken Quesadilla.  Plus live music! In my opinion, this is hard to find. Plus free parking. Just say you are patron and they’ll direct you to their extra lot behind the 7-11 across the street. Come for the sunsets. They are epic!