The Look for Less: Triangl Swimwear

triangl 4 triangl 7 triangl 8 triangl 3

These beautiful neon bikinis by Triangl Swimwear have practically taken over social media the past couple of years. They always post the most stunning Instagram pictures (see here) that it’s no wonder they have almost 2 million followers! I’ve always been a big fan, I mean who doesn’t want to be a Triangl Girl?

But, I could never bring myself to cough up the 100 bucks to buy it and then have it shipped from Australia to the USA without even being able to try it on first. That’s like buying jeans online. You just have to try it on first, which is precisely why I went to Victoria’s Secret. They have almost the exact same neoprene bikini set for $50! Plus you can actually try on different colors and sizes. I’m actually a different size in my top than my bottom. I also got a free beach bag with my purchase. Talk about a good deal!

triangl 1

I got one set in Jet Stream Blue and one in Purple Cloud because I just couldn’t decide between the two. Can’t wait to get my tan on this summer! I think Miami is a must.


2 thoughts on “The Look for Less: Triangl Swimwear

  1. I love triangl swimwear but they are toooo pricey.
    I have triangl dupe from aliexpress but the quality is bad and i don’t recommend buying in that website.
    I have neoprene bikinis from and the quality is almost the same.
    1/2 price compare to the triangl

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