Wendy Williams at HSN


that's me behind Wendy!

that’s me behind Wendy!

This past Saturday I got a chance to attend the debut of The Wendy Williams Collection on HSN (Home Shopping Network)! I’m a HUGE fan of Wendy. I watch her show every single weekday and I even met her at her book signing in LA a couple years ago. I swear she is the new Oprah, only cooler and edgier. She keeps it real and isn’t afraid to speak her opinion, no matter who it might offend. Although she doesn’t cross the line. She’s able to keep it classy yet funny at the same time, which is actually incredibly hard to do (RIP Joan Rivers).

Around a month ago I saw on Wendy’s Facebook page that she was going to be in Tampa and to email for a chance to be in the studio audience at the HSN studios in St. Pete. I never heard back and I knew the date of the live taping was fast approaching. I decided to follow up on that email and I actually got a response! You guys, the power of the follow up is real. I was able to attend the 9am taping!

I loved my experience at HSN! Everyone was really nice and excited to see Wendy. I felt like I was on her actual daytime talk show with the upbeat music, dancing, and the signature “ooh ooh” shouts. We got a chance to do a “How you doin’!” and take a group selfie with Wendy. I even got a gift bag at the end that included a scarf from her HSN clothing line and a signed photo, which is now on display in my office cubicle. Best experience eva!



Beach Please

IMG_5537 IMG_5639 IMG_5533

Beach essentials: Colorful towels, Gatorade, VS tote

IMG_5656Neoprene Bikini: Victoria’s Secret

My BFF from LA flew in for her Spring Break and it was awesomeeee. You know you partied hard when you can’t feel your feet or legs, find mysterious bruises, and take showers twice a day. I am still sore, but it was worth it. The above pictures are from my favorite beach in the region, St. Pete Beach. It’s the cleanest, friendliest, most quiet, and convenient beach town. Can’t believe I only live 5 miles away! #pinchme

IMG_5900IMG_5843IMG_5894IMG_5774Kimono: Cotton On, Crop Top: American Eagle, Denim Shorts: Express

Wore this outfit to Clearwater Beach on a Sunday afternoon. Big mistake to go during this time of year. There’s only one way in and out of the island so the traffic was unbearable. They really need to improve the roads and traffic patterns. Parking was very hard to find and the beach was loud, dirty, and crowded. The only spots I would consider hitting up again would be the huge Surf Style beach shop and Shephard’s resort. Other than that, I think I’ll stick to good ol’ St. Pete Beach. Nothing compares. Well.. except Miami. #onmytodolist