Coral Skies Music Fest: Cage the Elephant in Tampa

coral skies sign

You know when you win tickets to a music festival you never heard of but end up being blown away by the headliner? #TRUESTORY. It might have been a couple weeks ago, I was Googling things to do in Tampa and I came across info for the Coral Skies Music Festival at the Florida State Fairgrounds. I entered a contest for free tix, and what do you know, I win a pair! Thank you Live Nation!

Although I couldn’t find anyone to go with. I’m still new to Tampa and haven’t met many people around my age. So, I did the unthinkable. I went to a rock concert by myself! It was a bit awkward at first, spent some time on my phone (OK A LOT), but I actually had a good time! Cage the Elephant was the headliner and they were amazing! I remember always singing along to them on KROQ in LA while I was stuck in traffic. But dude, Matt Shultz was AMAZEBALLS. The only other rock concerts I’ve been to are 30 Seconds to Mars and Kings of Leon, but they weren’t half as dynamic and intense as Matt. From convulsing on stage, to taking his shirt off, to crowd walking, he was a real show.

Check out my Instagram vid at the bottom to hear my fave song of the night!

mid florida signpurple stagecage 5cage 4cage 3cage 2no shirt mattmatt close up


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