I Officially Moved! California to Florida

What an experience! I still can’t believe all that’s happened and then some, buuuut I made it! As of one week ago, I am now residing in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Almost of all my mom’s side of the family live here and we were just tired of missing out and being the only one’s in California. I was ready for a change too. The LA scene was so “been there, done that.” Here in Florida, I can already tell that people are friendlier and the traffic isn’t so bad (well compared to the 101 or 405). Plus, the beaches are actually clean and warm here. I can’t wait to hit up Clearwater!

Here are some pictures documenting the move. My mom and I hired JBL Moving, which worked under Atlas. They charged $1 per pound, which was pretty good considering we were moving all the way across the country. We packed everything ourselves using cardboard boxes we got for free from local grocery stores (a task in itself). The movers then came to our place to load it up into their truck. They were super helpful and put extra tape and saran wrap on things that needed extra care. They wrapped our furniture so well and disassembled our flat screen TV for us too.


We also hired United Auto Transport to ship our 2 cars to Florida. We were originally just going to ship 1, and drive the SUV to Florida, but that road trip fell through due to time constraints and other unforeseen circumstances. But hey, that’s life!

UAT is a broker, so they work with many 3rd parties. I guess you could say it’s a bit up in the air of which company you’re going to get, but the one’s we got were very nice and professional. The one for our 4Runner had come around 6am, inspected the car, gave us a receipt, and loaded the car for the road. I also made sure to take photos from all angles (including mileage) so that it arrived in the same condition, which it did!



And here is a picture of the moving truck, or should I say, 18-wheeler arriving in Tampa! It took around 2.5 weeks turnaround from pickup to drop off.

Atlas Trailer

My mom and I don’t have a set place to live yet, so we decided to put all our stuff into storage. We’re staying with family until we get more settled into the area and know which neighborhood we like best. Below is our unit in Public Storage. It’s a 10 x 19 climate-controlled unit. I guess I thought we had more stuff because there’s still plenty of room!

Storage Unit

Moving across the country is NOT an easy task, let me tell you. It’s especially hard when your mom hadn’t thrown anything away in 20 years and didn’t want to part with anything. I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders, I kid you not. But, we definitely learned a lot about ourselves and what we wanted to dispose of or keep for our future life in sunny Florida. I can’t wait to see what this city has to offer! Stay tuned!


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