Win: The Grind Giveaway by Bonobos

SUIT_foundation_black Brian_WF_SEMI_CLASSICTATT_FUSCHIA_012

They say what lingerie is to men, suits are to women. Ladies, who doesn’t like a well-dressed man? And guys, don’t you just feel like the top of the world when you put on a nice, clean suit? Well here’s your chance to win a whole week’s worth of clothing to spice up your style!  Wear it to the office or for a night out.

Bonobos is giving away prizes that include a Foundation Suit, five Weekday Warrior pants, and five Daily Grind dress shirts- with a total retail prize value of $1,665. “The Grind” giveaway ends on 5/4 (tomorrow!). Hurry and enter. All you need to do is enter HERE and enter your email address. SO SIMPLE. Good luck!

Check out their Weekday Warrior pants below:




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