Paranormal Activity: Anatomy of a Premiere

movie poster

Thanks to KROQ 106.7, I had won 2 tickets to the premiere of Paranormal Activity 4, The Marked Ones! First AMP Radio, now KROQ. I am on a roll with winning radio contests! Maybe I should play the lottery. Hmm…

This was my first Hollywood premiere, so I’ll give you the complete breakdown!

On Thursday, Jan. 2, around 10am, I got the call from KROQ. The radio rep asked that we get to the Arclight Hollywood between 5 and 6pm for the check-in period. Mind you, the movie was set to start a 7:30. My co-worker Eunice and I rushed after work and made it by 6. We checked in, got wristbands, and were ushered to an area on the front side of the theater where the crowd was gathered, or should I say corralled. We were surrounded my metal barricades, which meant we couldn’t come and go as we pleased. Thank god I went to the bathroom beforehand!

photo 1 photo 4photo 2

There were all kinds of food trucks with servers handing out food to the crowd. It was actually kind of fun. You never knew what was coming next. We basically ate everything that came our way: burgers, Kogi tacos, Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches, and churros. So bad, but so good. While we ate and just chilled for a couple hours, some guy on a loudspeaker would give away a few iPads and iPhones. Too bad they never called my wristband number. I guess I had already used my luck for that day.

photo 5

After about a couple hours, the cast had arrived and then we were allowed inside. Popcorn and soft drinks were all spread out ready for the taking. YAY for more free stuff! It was self seating in the theater, aside from some “reserved” rows. We got pretty good seats. I’m surprised they didn’t do a Q&A or at least a little introduction to the movie.

Movie Review:

I’d give it a 3/5. It was both scary and funny. The story revolves around a group of Hispanic kids who get tormented by a demon who is supposedly controlled by a witch/midwife? Not sure! But I did sink in my chair and jump a few times. Would I watch it again? No, but let’s just say I avoided mirrors and didn’t sleep too well that night. I clearly remember waking up at 5:41am!

photo 3

Thanks Hollywood!


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