Product Review: Beats by Dre Solo HD

beats by dre

I am in love with my Christmas present to myself! Just because I’m in LA doesn’t mean I don’t get to have a white Christmas! My little iPhone headset just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. At my job, everyone listens to music at their desks all day long. Wearing the headset was NOT comfy 8 hours a day.

Sound quality: Amazing! Now I know why DJs use them.

Noise cancellation: Excellent! I can’t hear any outside noise, so I’m really able to focus on my work on the computer. It’s an open floor plan at work so there can be many distractions and you overhear a lot of conversations.

Comfort level: These over-ear pieces are very comfortable. There’s nice padding at the top of the headphones to cushion your head.

Color/Overall Look: I love the sleek, white look. It goes with everything (yes I thought about outfit coordination). The one downside is that it can get dirty somewhat easily. The ear cushions got a little dirty for me already, but it’s probably because I’m a girl and I wear makeup! But it’s no biggie, I just wipe it down every so often.

Price: $179.99 at Black Friday sale. Note: Only buy from their website, which actually went pretty smoothly. I’ve never EVER had a good experience in their stores.