What Happens In Vegas…

vegas signWent to Vegas last weekend for a friend’s birthday!
Less than 300 miles away from me, so why not right?

swim collageAt Marquee Dayclub and the Boulevard pool at The Cosmopolitancosmo poolWe made a friend.

ebc trioEncore Beach Club baby!

imageebcphoto Neon Lights party at Surrender at the Encore!

image_1All ready to see Tiesto at Hakkasan!

tiesto 3 tiesto 2 tiesto 1

summer lovinAt Marquee nightclub to see Kaskade!

kansasWe certainly aren’t!

marquee kaskade 6 kaskade 5 kaskade 4

kaskade 2 kaskade 3 kaskade 1

Thoughts from the trip:

On partying:

  • There is such a thing as too much free alcohol. Towards the end of the trip, I started turning down drinks and got weird looks. Whatever, I’m done dude. Not about to get drunk for you.
  • A smile goes a long way. Hello free beds, cabanas, and rooftop bungalow lofts.
  • 2 dayclubs in 1 day is probably not a good idea.
  • Showering twice a day is the norm aka necessary.
  • BIG thanks to bouncers/staff at Marquee nightclub. They helped me when my friends didn’t when I experienced an unfortunate incident.
  • Promoters in Vegas are much more strict and territorial than the ones in LA. Be careful what you say to them and try to be mindful of the time! They’re all hustling you about the time, saying you have to get to a certain venue by a certain hour in order to get in free. So stressful, but worth it! Keyword: FREE.

On safety:

  • My big tip for Vegas: If you ever feel uncomfortable in any situation, I will tell you right now, it’s OK to leave on your own and get a cab on your own. Just because your friends refuse to leave, doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to a dangerous environment. You might think, well what about Girl Code? You’re always supposed to stick together with your girls, right? WRONG. Girl Code becomes null and void when you no longer feel safe in their company. I’ve noticed people don’t put safety as a high priority in Vegas because the mantra is to party your heart out. NO. As a woman, I’ve always kept safety in the back of my mind, ALWAYS. Too many women brush things off and let things slide. Especially because this is Vegas, people let their guard down a lot and act more forward than usual. Keep that in mind! Look out for yourself and trust your first instincts. They’re usually right. Case in point, just because a guy texts you his hotel room #, and the friend that you’re with wants to go, that doesn’t mean you have to go! Even if you think it might cause a rift in your friendship, so what, don’t do it. A “friend” who puts you in potentially harmful situations is not a friend in my book. I was recently talking to someone about this and she quoted our girl Wendy Williams. If being “friends” with someone just comes with problems and heartache, and you’re already in your 20s, it’s time to “bury the bitch.” You shouldn’t have to work on female relationships at this point.  Ain’t nobody got time for that BS anymore.

On where to stay and getting around:

  • CABS CABS CABS. Best way to get around IMO.
  • I highly advise staying at a hotel on the strip. You save a lot in terms of cab fare and you’ll have easy access to your room if you want to rest or change clothes.

The good:

  • Hanging out in a private 3 story bungalow with direct access to Marquee day and nightclub. But was it worth it hanging out with skeezy guys? Hmm…
  • Winning a free bathing suit at Encore Beach Club that fit me perfectly.
  • Encore Beach Club REVIEW: Best dayclub I’ve been to! Plenty of space to hang out, easy/fast to order food, great music selection, and overall great crowd.
  • Getting complimented for my superior dance moves. Hey, my years of clubbing paid off!
  • DFMO. All I gotta say.
  • Marquee Dayclub REVIEW: poorly organized, poor layout, no room to walk or swim, felt cramped, slippery floors, although the bungalows were BOMB
  • Getting the chance to meet people from not only around the country, but around the world. I loved chatting with people and seeing what they did for a living and how they viewed the whole Vegas experience.

The not so good:

  • The men in Vegas are not only thirsty, but hungry! I’ve never been analyzed so much. #1 meat market because the guys aren’t even subtle. Here, the men turn into boys.
  • My body has never been so beat up from a “vacation”. Even counting a trip to Europe. Not only do I have mysterious bruises, but because a bucket of ice from the bottle service table fell on my bare foot, I’ve been walking with a limp at work all week. Yikes. You can say I raged hard all right! Had a great time,  but will be spending a while recovering!
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You learn so much about a person while on a trip with him/her.

The amazing:

  • Being less than 10 feet away from Tiesto. I’ve been trying to see him live for years and this was the moment. Yup almost cried. Check out my video below!

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