It’s a Madhouse!

Looking for the place to be seen with a little freak show charm? Beacher’s Madhouse at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has you covered! I was invited to go on Saturday night by a promoter friend. Having a table and bottle service is highly recommended here. Grab your girls and seek out a promoter to get you in. I hear people have memberships to this place, making it somewhat exclusive.

The entrance to this club/theater is behind a bookcase. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a very cheerful bearded lady. You’re then thrust into the wonderful circus freak show that is Beacher’s. From a dancing Elmo, the world’s oldest male stripper, the world’s tallest burlesque dancer (Amazon Ashley), to the woman with the strongest breasts (Busty Heart), I was constantly in awe. Every so often the various variety shows begin. My favorite was the burlesque dancers.

Overall, music choices were on point. In between shows you can dance and take pictures with the entertainers. Watch out for the flying midget as you mingle with celebrities and industry players. On this particular night I saw Topher Grace, Chord Overstreet, and Derek Hough! I think celebrities love this place because they’re able to have fun without being bothered too much. Even with all the craziness, this place is low-key and a great hangout place.

image-1 image-2 image photo-12


I’m a big Glee fan and almost died when I saw Chord Overstreet!

A video I took of Busty Heart breaking some wood!

Here’s a little intro video to get a better feel of the place. Check out more of Beacher’s Madhouse at their website.


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